Quote - 1st blog post

It is always a little daunting deciding and making that BIG decision to start new things – especially those that take time, passion, creativity, constant work and absolute commitment! But we’ve made that decision and, it’s happening!

Here at The Gallery our focus is all about firsts.

Being the first choice for that leap into new beginnings. The starting block for that breath-taking bound. Creating the first footprint to that unforgettable moment.

New things and beginnings. Seamlessly putting it all together. Giving flight to that pledge of complete commitment to each another. That eternal adventure in complete togetherness.

Today we continue our trend of embracing firsts as we set out to launch our very own new beginning. Here we go, leaping into the seriously playful world of blogging! Come along with us as we share behind the scenes glimpses into the wonderful world of love and marriage in the country.

I think you are going to fall hopelessly in love with The Gallery on FarSide Farm, and that will be the beginning of everything!

So lets start at the very beginning!

FarSide Farm | Its beginnings

Written by Graham Edmunds

It all began just before the arrival of the new millennium. We had made the decision to send our son Ryan to boarding school.

Five years at Michaelhouse would mean regular trips to and from Johannesburg. Every trip to visit the young man, either to watch him play sport or participate in school-based events, would mean a search for temporary accommodation in the Nottingham Road area. Hence, coupled with the decision to send the lad to boarding school, came the decision to try and secure a small haven, close by, which would serve as ‘home away from home’. And so, in October 1999, the search began.

By the end of January 2000 the day had arrived. I drove the ‘new boy’ and tearful mom along the tree-lined ‘Warriors Walk’ leading up to the grand old treasure of learner-ship, leadership, Victorian architecture, and country magnificence – Michaelhouse.

On the house-hunting front, after four months of searching, it would take another two months before estate agent Alan Denton finally led us to the place that instantaneously spoke to our hearts. A quaint three bedroomed farmhouse, fashioned from grey sandstone and antique wooden finishes, set in 50 acres of idyllic KwaZulu Natal Midlands countryside. All this with the added allure its own stocked trout dam! The decision was an easy one.

FarSide Farm House Early Days_compressed

With Ryan halfway through his first year at Michaelhouse, to mom and dad’s horror, daughter Jessica unexpectedly declared that she also wanted to go to boarding school in KZN.

The start of 2001 saw Jessica begin her final year of junior school at Clifton Nottingham Road. This would be followed with five years at St John’s Pietermaritzburg.

As both she and her brother soon accumulated friends, it wasn’t long before The FarSide Farm began to live up to its promise of being a home-away-from-home.  Weekends during term time were peppered with the buzzing sounds of bees and quad bikes. Splashing and screams of glee drifted up from the dam while close conversations and laughter mingled with the smoke of the inevitable braai.

FarSide Farm Early Days Composite_compressed

Quad bike & family pic

During the cold winter days and nights The FarSide cocooned everyone who stayed. The old AGA in the kitchen and the crackling fireplace in the lounge kept the place endlessly warm.

FarSide Lounge-_compressed

In no time at all the end of school years began to rush up at us. The original decision to relinquish the FarSide, once Ryan and Jessica had finished school, came under serious scrutiny! With seven good years travelling to and from the Midlands we had now developed a severe connection with the place. And so the decision was made. The FarSide stays … Johannesburg goes!

For the next seven years I commuted to and from The FarSide, working in Johannesburg during the week and retiring to this idyllic country spot on weekends. During this period plans were set in motion to do significant renovations to the house and to build a magnificent events and wedding venue. With mom being the perfect homemaker and dad a specialist in the design, production and staging of large-scale corporate events, we had the ingredients to make our mixed worlds of hospitality and event co-ordination work in the country.


Over the past few years we have tirelessly searched out time-worn stone and timbers. We have collected and restored ancient doors, window frames, fireplace surrounds, bedsteads and furniture. We have taken these time-honoured materials and redesigned them into a testament to our organic love of old stone and wood.

Slide2 Slide3

I know that with the addition of The Gallery we have succeeded in perpetuating the residue of warmth, fun, friendship and laughter which continues to characterise everyone’s experience at the FarSide.

The rest, so to speak, is the future!